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Are You Cheating on Your Website?

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Long posts on Facebook are, admittedly, a pet peeve of mine. There are better social sites for long posts. Tumblr or Google+ jump to mind. If it's business related, LinkedIn would be suitable.

As I continue to see long posts on Facebook, something always enters my mind. Why hasn't this person written a blog on this? Why is he cheating on his website?

Regardless, posting long winded writings on Facebook is cheating you out of all the good that goes along with posting the same thoughts on a blog. You can still use all of the social sites mentioned above after you've written the same post in a blog.

If you have a website, you are only cheating on it by not utilizing blog posting. You're missing out on the fresh content advantages and SEO opportunities by posting new content elsewhere.

You're already typing all the words and expressing your thoughts and opinions, why not own it fully and utilize it for the ultimate value?

If your website doesn't have the space for fresh content, change that today! You need a place to post a blog, pictures, or news stories. Whatever fresh content you can provide, you need to own a place for it!

That space on social sites that you're using for your content? Remember, you don't own it. It could disappear in the next 10 seconds and take your content with it. Your blog and website are yours.

Social media channels, like Facebook, should be used to drive people to your website anyway. Don't post your fresh ideas, valuable information, or advice on someone else's property. Instead, write a blog and attach a link back to it on your social sites.

This actually reminds me of another pet peeve that I see occurring across social media. Don't write a long Facebook post and then link to it from another social site, say for example Twitter. Again, you're cheating on your website. Also, you're boring me and giving me no good reason to follow you across multiple social channels.

What do you think? Are there exceptions to this? Do you find yourself reading Facebook posts that are on the short side or long side?

Go forth and be social, and don't cheat on your website!

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