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3 Reasons YOU Need a Social Media Professional

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This could also be titled "3 Reasons You Need ME," but you might not be lucky enough to be located in Memphis. Of course, regardless of where you are, there are more than 3 reasons you need a social media marketing professional. However, due to ALL of our busy schedules, I'm cutting this list off after three. I'm sort of short and sweet, so my list will be too.

Speaking of busy schedules, let me throw the number one reason to hire a social media pro your way.

1. You are too busy.

You are extremely busy taking care of THE business of YOUR business. You are a professional in something other than social media. Checking to see if someone has spammed your Facebook page or is cursing your business on Twitter are not on the top of your "To Do" list but sure are important.

Employees and managers have scads of other responsibilities. Your employees became your trusted staff, because they were a good fit for YOUR niche. Free them up to perform their original duties. Give them the time needed for other helpful tasks important to operations IN your company.

You have your own customers to tend to and keep happy. Your business might be cooking, serving, entertaining, engineering, coaching, planning, taking care of others, creating art, selling, accounting, real estate... There's enough to do without adding something else.

I think I just heard someone yell "Amen."

2. You are passionate about something else.

Get back to what you love!

There's a reason you went into YOUR business. It wasn't to manage all the other stuff that goes along with owning and running a business. Was it because you're a really good cook and have a gift for hospitality? Are you really good with numbers and enjoy getting down to the nitty-gritty of balancing a budget? You found out health care was your calling, because you want people around you to feel better and maintain a healthy lifestyle?

My business IS social media. A social media marketing professional will treat your business as her own, taking care of what needs to be done FOR your business while you continue to work IN the specialty of your business.

3. The changes are too much to handle.

Social Media can be confusing, challenging, and overwhelming. To start from scratch these days isn't easy. No longer can you throw up a page or account and expect people to come and find you. It takes work. Even if you are managing it, it can keep you constantly occupied keeping up with the always evolving world of updates and algorithm changes. Are the changes just passing you by? Don't give up on the valuable tool of social media!

Get help. Let a professional work with you. Enjoy the weight being lifted from your shoulders. Mark "tackle social media" off your "to do" list, and enjoy some personal time.

What are you waiting on? Go forth, get help, and be social!

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