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The Company Culture of Social Media

The Company Culture of Social Media - Memphis - Social Media Marketing - LMCB Social

Company culture is a commonly discussed topic when it comes to business. Recently, while my head was stuck behind the computer, I had the television tuned in to a news channel. The hearing of a certain CEO was being broadcast live, and he was being grilled all about his company's culture.

While I often work with the television on for background noise and to watch for any breaking news, I couldn't exactly ignore what was going on during this hearing. It got me to thinking about the company culture, if you will, in the world of social media. Specifically, I started thinking about some of the shifts in this culture.

Years ago, when I started down this path opened up to me by Facebook, it was all about getting "likes." It was all so easy back then! "Likers" and "followers" were everywhere hitting buttons to "like it up" and "follow away." There was no paid advertising or post boosting or paid promoting on any of the social networks. Now, we have to pay to get that good, liked-feeling that our former social media culture was so openly spreading around once-upon-a-time.

So, there's been a shift.

Instead of concentrating on building numbers, followers and likes, there's more emphasis on interacting. More regards are being given to creating a community.

Community is such a nice word. It just carries such great undertones when compared to followers. A communal culture is a shared one; it's one of give and take. It's an exchange. Community emphasizes the social part of social media.

Another positive shift in this company culture of social media is the crack down on trolls, bots, and all-around unsavory accounts. During a consultation the other day, I was warning a business user about such and how to block and report them. That's when it dawned on me; I hadn't had to block an account in more than 24 hours! I'd been blocking multiple spammy and inappropriate accounts daily across my clients' various social sites. Users have had it with such foolishness. The time has come (well, it came a while ago but anyway...) that social channels must get a grip on the annoying accounts if they want to satisfy quality users. I think they are finally understanding this. Maybe. Hopefully. - Aaaaannnnnndd, there's the spam notification for Instagram. It was good while it lasted.

So, there have been some good shifts in our social company culture, but like the aforementioned business under review and televised for the world to see, all company cultures have their good apples and rotten-to-the-core fruit. Be a good apple! Create a community. Join communities. Don't be afraid to interact. Be kind, and remember that sharing is caring!

I would be honored if you'd be part of my social community. I'd enjoy hearing from you! LMCB Social gives you options, and each is a little different. Now, go forth and be social!

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