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Social Media and SEO

Social Media and SEO - How they intersect to help you - #LMCBsocial - social media marketing for business

How does social media relate to search engine optimization? Does it help at all with SEO?

I get these questions quite a bit and quickly tell the inquisitive person that I'm no SEO expert. My world is that of social media, and the two are different. Both start with an "S," involve online work, and are tools to aid a website, but they are different and require a different set of skills to use effectively.

What I usually end up saying is something to the effect of social media posts can help drive traffic to your website. That in turn can be a boost to your SEO efforts.

At that point, I usually refer them to my friend and SEO expert from eBiz Solutions, Poornima Sunkara.

She's been kind enough to answer some of my questions, which in turn, I hope answer some of your questions. Let me know if there's a particular question you have that wasn't answered. We'd be happy to help!

1. Explain what SEO is and why it's important for a business.

Poornima: Search Engine Optimization: SEO is the process of optimizing a website to increase the visibility, so it ranks well in an organic (natural) search. Ranking high on search engines increases traffic to your website, enhances brand awareness, and drives customers to your business.

LMCB: Well who wouldn't want increased traffic, enhanced brand awareness, or to drive customers to your business?!?

2. How do social media posts affect SEO?

Poornima: Social media marketing and SEO are two tightly interwoven inbound strategies. While social media posts do not have a direct impact on website rankings, social sharing of those posts drives traffic to the website. That increases the organic search ranking. Sharing the website link on appropriate social media sites will certainly boost SEO.

LMCB: Social media and SEO sound like the dynamic duo of the website world!

3. Is there a magic number as far as how much a business should post to affect SEO?

Poornima: There is no direct link between social media posts and search ranking, but social media is a great source to generate traffic to your website. Social media posts with relevant content will grow your brand presence and visibility. Therefore, promoting your content consistently and regularly on various social media channels has a great SEO advantage.

LMCB: I love this answer! What I hear loud and clear is CONSISTENTLY and REGULARLY on VARIOUS CHANNELS.

4. Are there specific types of social media posts that boost SEO more, or are they all the same as far as search is concerned?

Research shows that posts on both Twitter and Facebook, and including images with your text, can drive higher engagement and improve your social signals. Providing useful and interesting content in your posts will give your followers a reason to engage by clicking, liking, retweeting and sharing, no matter the platform. Adding relevant images, infographics, blogs, video, or downloadables to the social media post will increase traffic to the website.

Be sure to weave your SEO keywords into:

 Social posts, links, and hashtags  Social media profiles  Original content development

LMCB: Yes! Many people forget about their social media profiles.

5. Are any particular social sites more beneficial than others when it comes to posting there and affecting SEO?

Select social media channels that are best for your niche market and then start using. Being active on social media platforms can boost your SEO.

Make sure to include backlinks to your website in your posts. You are making it easier to get people to share your content on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and other networks connects your brand to the wider social web.

Every social media platform is different. For example, if you are promoting a children's clothing website, you would want to focus on channels like Pinterest and Instagram because they suit your niche.

Best social media sites for SEO to boost up your website search engine ranking:

 Facebook  Twitter  YouTube  Pinterest  LinkedIn  Google+  Instagram

LMCB: So again, I'm hearing ACTIVE. As far as SEO is concerned, it's not so much as where you are posting, but it's important to be on the best sites for your market and posting backlinks actively. This not only keeps your company top of mind, but makes it easy for people to share your links and information. That's a WIN for social media marketing AND SEO!

I hope this helps answer your questions about social media and SEO and how they're related. They're a lot like sisters but not twins. Thank you to Poornima Sunkara of eBiz Solutions for the professional and helpful insight into search engine optimization!

Now, go forth and be social.

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