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- FAQs

What is social media and social media marketing? defines SOCIAL MEDIA this way:

noun, (usually used with a plural verb) Digital Technology

     1. websites and other online means of communication that

         are used by large groups of people to share information

         and to develop social and professional contacts:

"Many businesses are utilizing social media to generate sales."


I am really fond of that example sentence! Social media can be used as a tool to support marketing and advertising. When that is done, it becomes social media marketing. Social media marketing supports businesses, ideas, people, brands, and/or existing advertising or marketing campaigns for any of these. It's an ever-changing world that can be daunting and confusing.


Someone in my office takes care of our Facebook page. Why do I need an outside service for social media?


LMCB Social frees you and your employees to concentrate on what it is that you do best. It's the job of LMCB Social to help work ON your business while you and your workforce focus on working IN your business.


How much do you charge?


Fees are determined by the needs of your particular business and are charged on a monthly basis. The amount you spend with LMCB Social is most often less than it would cost to hire an additional staff member. If you're already trying to manage your social media part time, you may find that you will gain more from the investment you've already made in existing staff by freeing up their time. 




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