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Social Wish List for 2018

Here we are at another year, and the lists abound. Instead of a prediction list, I've made a simple wish list. I know Christmas is over, but in the spirit of the Christmas Wish Book of my childhood, here goes my Social Wish List.

1. Facebook

The granddaddy of all social media sites has made more changes than anyone can keep up with, and I'm not sure it's for the better at this point. With trouble this past year stemming from fake news and reports of monthly users declining, there is one BIG wish I have for the book of faces.

Let posts flow naturally (chronologically) without disruption from the ever elusive algorithm. People have been complaining about the changes in their timelines for years. I understand making changes to help the bottom line and increase profits and to boost the allure of paid advertising. However, if you run your user base (the real people) away, then there's eventually not going to be a target market found worth any advertising bucks.

Give the people what they want, news feeds that default to show all their connections' posts and pages' posts chronologically. Let the users then decide who to mute, unfollow, or hide.

I wrote the three paragraphs above a few weeks ago, before Facebook announced their latest newsfeed change, and I think they've partially granted my wish. Only very partially, though.

2. Instagram

Speaking of algorithms, WHY oh WHY do I have to see posts in my Instagram feed that are 6 days (or more) old?

Please, at least, give me the option of selecting "most popular" or "most recent" when seeing posts of those I follow on Instagram. I spent more time on Instagram in the past when I would scroll away to catch up with friends' posts that I hadn't seen.

3. Twitter

You're still my personal favorite. You are by far the best place for news, researching different opinions, worldwide video (Periscope), entertainment, and customer service.

I will continue to wish for the ability to edit a tweet, though. It just seems SO simple!

4. Snapchat

Ha! Snap, my wish for you is to just keep being you.

5. LinkedIn

You are all business. Be all business. We like that. I wish you would stop prompting me to wish my contacts a happy birthday. Just stop.

6. Pinterest

I wish for dates on pins. That's all. Not all content is evergreen.

What do you wish for when it comes to social media? Or heck, feel free to just share your wishes with me if it makes you happy.

Go forth, and be social!

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